Vatican launches website dedicated to “Fratelli tutti” encyclical

Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical Fratelli tutti, on Fraternity and Social Friendshipwill be more readily accessible by the faithful on a new website.

The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development has announced a special website dedicated to the encyclical which can be accessed either from the homepage of the Dicastery or directly from a new URL

The site, created in collaboration with the Dicastery for Communication, aims to “spread the message about the fraternity and social friendship of the Encyclical in a capillary way, deepening and making known all the aspects proper to the text and the magisterium of the Holy Father in this sense,” the Dicastery said in a statement on Monday.

The intuitive and easily consultable page is currently developed in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian. It contains numerous resources in other languages, including French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.

The constantly updated menu on the homepage is divided into sections and is in orange, resembling the paper edition of the Encyclical.

The first, “Fratelli tutti,” contains a general introduction. The second, “The Encyclical,” gives people the possibility of downloading the text of the Encyclical in the available languages, and to review the 4 October video conference held in the New Hall of the Synod in the Vatican. The third section, “Reflections,” includes comments and analyses from the Superiors of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, representatives of local Churches, international organizations and other networks, experts and actors. The fourth – “News”, contains articles, videos, and interviews related to Fratelli tutti. “Resources” gathers infographics and other materials for in-depth study and reflection such as the “Prayer to the Creator” composed for the Encyclical.

The page also contains a link to the Twitter social media platform for direct sharing of the sections of interest.

What’s more, the website has a “window” in its “News” section that serves as a direct link to the latest “Vatican News” articles on the Encyclical.

Work is still ongoing in earnest to expand the languages in which content will be available.

There are also plans for a section that collects the Encyclical’s infographics and presentation videos, already visible on the Dicastery’s YouTube Channel on the “Fratelli tutti” playlist.

In addition, a space called “initiatives” is being created with the materials and contributions from local Churches, organizations, networks and communities (religious and non-religious), aimed at implementing the message contained in Fratelli tutti.


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