The Irish Chaplaincy in London is a registered charity which provides an outreach service to three main groups: elderly Irish people (the Seniors’ Project); prisoners and to Travellers.  At this challenging time caused by COVID-19 social restrictions, the Chaplaincy is offering support to anyone in Ireland with concerns about an older family member or friend living in London.  On their behalf the Chaplaincy can make direct contact with vulnerable older Irish living but isolated in London.  The Chaplaincy is also a link to services and community groups on the ground local to where a person is living in London.

Father Gerry McFlynn is Project Manager of the ICPO which means that he oversees prison visits and the follow-up casework throughout England and Wales. There is a full time prison visitor/caseworker for the London prisons and a volunteer for the northwest, which leaves the rest of the country for Father Gerry! As the only priest now working in the Chaplaincy, he also provides pastoral care for the Travellers and Elderly Irish.