Cardinal Nichols thanks owner and staff of Catholic Universe and Catholic Times following closure

Following the announcement of the closure of the Catholic Universe and Catholic Times this week, Cardinal Nichols has offered his thanks to the owner and staff for their service to the mission and witness of the Catholic Church in this country.

Cardinal Nichols said “This week sees the last edition of the Catholic Universe and the Catholic Times supplement. Universe Catholic Media Ltd has stopped trading with immediate effect. I receive this news with great sadness. It is an historic moment which comes as a ‘sign of the times’. The Universe has served the Catholic community devotedly since 1860. But now no more.

“The current publishing market is difficult and the board, management and staff of Universe Media Group have made strenuous efforts to continue their operations. I thank, with all of my heart, Clive Leach, the owner, Joe Kelly and all the staff for their unstinting service and commitment to the Catholic community in this country and beyond. For many years they have strived with every sinew to keep reporting and commenting on the Catholic Church, in full support of our mission to spread the Gospel and bear witness to our faith. I know that they have explored every avenue in trying to steer this operation through these most difficult times and circumstances. Again, on behalf of so many, I thank them for this valiant effort and commend them for their work.”

Cardinal Nichols said in conclusion, “The role of communication and journalism in reporting and commenting on the life of the Catholic Church, from the perspective of our faith, is a great challenge. My hope and prayer is that professional and enthusiastic Catholics will continue in this task, exploring and developing new forms of communication and new ways of telling the story of our faith in action here in our lands.“


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