Bishop Leahy urges ‘no slacking off’ and ‘diligence’ over next 10 days

Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick has encouraged the faithful to avoid letting “the guard down” during the coming weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Speaking on the relentless nature of Covid-19 restrictions, Bishop Leahy said, “Yes, we’re getting tired of it. But this is when we really need to be careful. When we’re tired, we can easily end up falling into the temptation of slacking off in our efforts. We begin to let the guard down.”

He elaborated, “If we focus on that for just ten more days, even two weeks and prevent the loss of more people from this dreadful virus, we will have succeeded in this vital battle in the wider war against Covid-19. That is the great prize.”

Bishop Leahy said, “And when, thanks to the intervention of science – where so much progress is being made now with vaccine – we ultimately overcome Covid-19, we can look back and say that when it mattered most we dug deep, we persevered, we did the right thing and we saved lives. Let us encourage each other: no to slacking off, yes to diligence.”


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