Attune to God through prayer during Advent – Bishop Dermot Farrell

Kilkenny-based Bishop Dermot Farrell of Ossory has issued a pastoral message for Advent which began yesterday.

Bishop Farrell said that for many people these past months have been a type of wilderness experience: the pandemic “has brought home to us the limits of our own abilities,” as well as calling into question the wisdom and sustainability of building a society only in terms of more— ”more wealth, better health, longer life, bigger homes, unlimited worldwide travel.”

In his pastoral message Wait for Lord who is close the Bishop of Ossory suggests that Advent and its ancient focus on the quiet journey inward, might not only attune us to God—who dwells and waits for us in the silence of our hearts, but may permit us to perceive the Lord’s presence in the anguish and fear of the vulnerable, as well as in the “heroism, patience, understanding, … and unselfish service” of so many around us in these difficult times.

For the full content of the pastoral, please click here.


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