Attack on Jewish graves ‘shocking’ – Bishop Treanor

Bishop Noel Treanor has condemned the recent attacks on Jewish graves in Belfast’s City Cemetery. The Bishop of Down & Connor extended his heartfelt support to both the families involved and the wider Belfast Jewish community.

Bishop Treanor said, “These senseless acts of vandalism violate the sanctuary of the cemetery and they display a total lack of respect for the dead and the families of the deceased who are left distressed by these incidents.

“The targeting of Jewish graves is particularly distressing for the wider Jewish community in Belfast. Such anti-semitic and discriminatory actions, motivated by prejudice, have no place in a modern tolerant welcoming society.”

Bishop Treanor said in conclusion, “As a Diocese, we stand firmly alongside our sisters and brothers in the Belfast Jewish Community as we express our revulsion in the face of this destruction and in calling for greater respect for all within society. I appeal to all who enter the City Cemetery, particularly young people, to recognise and respect the sanctity of this graveyard where loved ones are buried. Let us afford to these resting places of family relatives and friends the dignity and respect that is theirs by right.”


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