All Saints is a monument to the faith of past and present generations and a precious gift to future generations – Bishop Duffy

On Friday 29 October last, Bishop Bishop Larry Duffy celebrated Mass at the Blessing and Re-Opening of All Saints’ Church, Doohamlet (Parish of Clontibret), Co Monaghan, following renovations.

During his Homily, Bishop Duffy said, “I congratulate and thank all involved. You have restored this beautiful building and made it a fit place for worship. I thank the renovation committee, the many workers, volunteers, those who purchased seats, and those who gave generous donations. Fr Paudge, you can be proud of your efforts and that of the people. This work of restoration is a powerful expression of the faith of the community and pride you take in God’s house.”

Highlighting the great history of the church, Bishop Duffy continued, “I enjoyed Gary Carville’s short history of All Saints. There we see that the foundation stone of the Church was laid in 1857 and dedication of the building celebrated in 1861. Two things the history makes clear: (A) Prior to the building of this church priest and people gathered for Eucharist in a little hut or bothóg. From this we note that the celebration of the Christian faith has been an important part of life in good and difficult times over many centuries. (B) Each generation has made a contribution to this building & its surrounds; the addition of a belfry in 1882; cemetery in 1920; Priests house built in 1950; new windows in 1968; re-ordering of sanctuary in 1988. You can be proud that this generation has now played its part.”

In conclusion, the Bishop of Clogher said, “The restoration of a church is an expression of faith and a sign of hope. All Saints is a monument to the faith of past and present generations and a precious gift to future generations. It is here that we are welcomed into God hands. It is in this sacred place that Christ nourishes us with the sacraments. This is God’s house where we find a welcome and a place of peace & reflection. Where Eucharist is celebrated God is present to his people. All Saints is Holy Ground where God is present to the people of Doohamlet. May we – temples of God – welcome Him to our homes and places of work & education.

“Let me conclude by saying thanks to the priests of Muckno (Frs Adi & Stephen), Aughnamullen East (Fr Owen) and Tullycorbet (Canon Owen Joe) for their generosity in ministry to the people of Clontibret/Annyalla/Doohamlet. Your generosity is in keeping with that of Christ.”


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